HELP: “I’m in love with a man old enough to be my father”

By Faeza
13 December 2016

Anonymous from Durban writes: 

He is old enough to be my father. I’m only 22, and he is 55. He’s got everything I could ask

for in a man except for his age. I’m a student now at varsity and he is paying the fees and all my expenses. My parents couldn’t afford to take me to university and I couldn’t find a bursary. He now wants to marry me. We used to travel a lot, like vacations and weekends away, but even on ordinary outings I get lots of funny looks from people. I don’t know

what to do. Please help.

Sis Naledi responds: 

Portia, you have chosen to be in an unusual relationship and therefore should expect stares from people. If you are sure and happy with what you are doing, then you may need a thick skin to pull through society’s prejudices. Are you convinced that you are doing what you want, and are you comfortable with it? It would be very unfortunate if you are in that relationship merely for money as that could be a very dangerous exercise.