HELP: "I've been single for 2 years, and am not interested in men or bonking"

By Faeza
13 April 2017

Anonymous from Jane Furse writes:

I’m a 33-year-old woman and was in love with my man for 11 years. He cheated on

me several times until we broke up. I realise now that it’s been two years since we broke up and I don’t have any desire for a man or sex. Is there anything wrong with me?

Dr Eve responds:

It is possible that you got too hurt to a point of shutting off any possibility of trusting a

man again. There is nothing wrong with you as this is what happens to some people after being hurt. However, being hurt by one man doesn’t mean that all men will hurt you and you may miss out on a potential partner that will respect and love you. Trust your judgement, instinct and what you see. However, do not give excuses for bad behaviour when you see it.