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HELP: "I've never been to my boyfriend's house"

By Faeza
13 September 2016

Anonymous from Cape Town writes: 

I’m 29-year-old woman who has been dating a 45-year-old divorced white man for two years. He promised to introduce me to his children, but he never does. I’ve never even been to his house. Every time I ask to see where he lives, he comes up with an excuse. How do I break up with this man, because he threatens to harm me if I leave him?

Sis Naledi responds:

Firstly, a person who loves you wouldn’t threaten you to make you stay with him. It doesn’t sound as if this man is serious about you; and you cannot trust a person like that. Two years is a long time for him to still to be hiding things from you. Tell him how you feel about his lack of openness, and that if he doesn’t take you seriously you will leave him.