HELP: "My Ben 10 is eight years younger than me"

By Faeza
24 May 2017

Anonymous from Kroonstad writes: 

I’m a 28-year-old woman and I broke up with my boyfriend in 2013. Last year, he came back claiming he still loves me. We started seeing each other but only when he wanted to as he had a girlfriend. I ended things as he never had time for me. I met another guy two months ago and we get along so well. The problem is I found out he is eight years

younger than me.

Sis Naledi responds:

The age gap between partners is as big as they feel. It is not the number of years that matters but the stages of development. Yes, there are age gaps that are too big but one cannot put a number to it. A person’s behaviour, reasoning and interests will give you an

indication of where you may have challenges. Talk about your age difference and challenges openly with him. Then together you will decide whether you are comfortable.