HELP: "My boyfriend does not care if I am not satisfied in bed"

By Faeza
09 November 2016

Anonymous from Polokwane writes:

My new boyfriend is almost

everthing I need in a man. The

only problem is that he only cares

about his needs when we make

love. As soon as he’s satisfied, he

stops. When I raise the issue, he

just laughs in my face.

Dr Eve answers:

This person is definitely

not all you are looking

for in a man. He sounds

disrespectful, rude and selfish.

Most men finish before their

women, but a good and caring

man spends time making sure

his woman is satisfied as well.

It’s time to find your voice.

Change the way you want to

make love without disrespecting

him. Gently guide him to your

pleasure. And if he continues

to laugh and does not learn,

then you might be with a man

who will disrespect you in other

areas of your life.