HELP: "My husband has a weak erection"

By Faeza
31 August 2016

Anonymous from Umlazi writes:

I have been married for six years. Things were going well in my marriage and our sex

life was great. But these days, my husband’s manhood is getting weak. Every time we have sex, it doesn’t reach where it used to reach before. Is there anything wrong with him

or with us? What can we do to fix the situation? Please help.

Dr Eve responds:

It’s important for your man to go for a medical check-up. Talk to him about this but

don’t blame or accuse him. Tell him that you’ve noticed the change in his erections and ask if there is anything he is worried about at home or work. Also be sure to manage your

expectations of him. Women tend to place pressure on men to perform in all areas of their lives, including their sexual lives.