HELP: "My man discriminates against my child"

By Faeza
24 November 2016


Anonymous from Umlazi writes:

I have three children, two

girls and a boy. My first-born child

is from a previous relationship

and my new man discriminates

against her. He doesn’t treat her as

well as the other children or buy

her anything. When I confront him

about this, he says I make a big

deal out of nothing. Please help.

Sis Naledi answers:

If a man comes into your life

and you have children, he

needs to be prepared to love

them and raise them with you. You

cannot have a relationship with

somebody who separates your

children and hurts them in anyway.

Your daughter needs you more

at this age and any person who

comes and rejects or ill-treats

her right now will push her to the

streets. She will end up looking

for love in the wrong places. Be

careful of focusing on your own

needs and compromising your