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HELP: "My man wants me to take a loan out a loan for him"

By Faeza
05 December 2016

Anonymous from Nelspruit writes:

I stay with my partner and he paid lobola last month. The problem is that we do not have

good jobs; I work at a filling station and he is in construction. We both want to have a better life. We now want to buy a car and he tried to borrow money from the bank but

he is blacklisted. So he asked me to take out the loan but I’m scared to owe the bank. I sometimes wish I married a rich man. Please help.

Sis Naledi responds:

This is not a good idea. How is he going to pay for the loan if he cannot clear the bad debts he has? You are going to be in big trouble and unfortunately, it’s your name that you are dragging down. Let him save money and buy the car that he can afford in cash. Be grateful

for what you have and live within your means.