HELP: "My partner drugged and sexually assaulted me"

By Faeza
20 January 2017

Anonymous from Brits:

I’m a 50-year-old divorced woman. Two years ago, I fell in love with a guy who is

younger than me. After a year, the affair was no longer the same. One day, he drugged and raped me. In that incident, I experienced severe damage to my private part and I’m in pain. Please help.

Dr Eve Responds:

I am so sorry you were violated so badly. You need medical attention to repair your private part. And equally important, you need psychological care to manage the trauma. You know you can turn to the law as it is your right to get this guy reported for what sounds like rape. However, this is a very personal decision that only you can make. Please get the medical

and mental care that you deserve. The Family Life Centre (Famsa) on 011 788 4784 offers counselling along with Rape Crisis. Reach out and get the help you deserve