HELP: “Sex is a nightmare after giving birth”

By Faeza
18 January 2017

Anonymous from Soweto writes: 

I had a natural birth and my

private part became too

tight after giving birth. My husband

complains every time he penetrates

me. I can’t walk properly the next day

after having sex. Now making love is a

nightmare for both of us. Please help.

Dr Eve answers: 

Obviously, your problem is

as a result of your childbirth

experience. This means you

have to get back to the health workers

procedure with natural childbirth: the

doctor cuts your private part through

to your anus to allow the baby to be

born. The doctor then sews up the

cut. This procedure is usually done if

a woman’s private part tears during

delivery. With either a cut or a tear,

the doctor can sew up a woman too

tightly afterwards, but this problem

can easily be fixed.