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HELP: "When it comes to touching my private parts, my husband freezes"

By Faeza
05 August 2016

Anonymous from Brits writes:

My husband and I have been together for four years. He has never touched my private parts or my breasts. I do touch him everywhere, but when it comes to touching me, he

freezes. What must I do?

Dr Eve responds:woman-sad-couple (1)

Different people have various ways of engaging sexually and it all depends on a person’s background, history or past. Talk about your sexual preferences as a

couple and let him understand your sexual desires so that he can know how to satisfy you. You cannot assume that everyone must touch your private parts to get sexual pleasure. Freezing is a sign of discomfort. Create a safe environment without judging him. Talk about what he is feeling or what it reminds him of. Then you will know if it’s something to work on or to get professional help.