HELP:“How do I get a divorce if I don’t have money for lawyers?”

By Faeza
24 February 2017

Anonymous from Pretoria writes:

My husband and I want to

divorce. But we both do not

have money to see a mediator. So we

need to find out if the courts will be able

to help us?

Ausi Nthabi answers: 

You and your husband must go

to a court near where you live

and the clerk of the court will

assist you with starting the process of

divorce. You will then see a mediator

who will assist you to draft the

settlement agreement.

This settlement agreement must

then be given to the clerk of court

who will include it as part of the court

documents, called pleadings.

On the date of the hearing, the

magistrate will ask both of you if you

agree with the terms of the agreement

and will make the settlement

agreement an order of court.