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HHP opens up about attempting suicide 3 times

By Faeza
05 April 2016

During a revealing interview on Monday, hip-hop star Jabulani Tsambo, known by his stage name HHP, opened up for the first time about trying to take his own life three times in 2015

The rapper, who was speaking to Gareth Cliff on detailed how he turned to an online suicide assist website to get information about suicide methods.

HHP explained that 2015 was a tough year for him with many personal struggles.

The rapper told Gareth that the idea of ending his life first entered his thoughts after a therapy session with a professional left him feeling lethargic due to the medication. HHP explained that he also felt that his issues were not really resolved.

"I was thinking while my policies (life insurance) are still active, let me just go out. Fifteen minutes I should be done. An hour and a half later, nothing happens. I'm listening to the song on repeat now. I get out the car. It's time to take the kids to school."

This was the rapper's first failed attempt at ending his life. HHP's second failed attempt came after he thought that he should try with an older car

After this didn't work, the rapper explained how he again turned to the suicide assist website, which he says, suggested using helium as a way of committing suicide.

The rapper's final attempt followed shortly after a fight with his girlfriend.

"The last attempt, I'm fighting with my girlfriend or some s**t. They tell me try helium. I get the helium tank … I turn this thing on and I'm thinking 'This is finally going to work'. The wifey has just gone to her friend's house and by the time she gets back, I'll be cold. The website says it works in eight minutes and it's an hour and 12 minutes later now, so I start cursing," he said.

This failed attempt brought about a turning point in the rapper's mind as he didn't know how he would explain his "coarse" voice to his girlfriend.

It was then that a voice in HHP's mind told him that if he really wanted to die, he needed to live first, and do all the things he's always wanted to do and has been scared of doing

One of those things included speaking his mind. This is also one of the reasons HHP deactivated his Twitter account two weeks ago.

At the time the rapper explained that it was over "toxic people".

The good news is that HHP says he's starting afresh

"I understand that Twitter is a currency, but half my followers don't even listen to me. I'm starting afresh. I'm known as the artist formerly known as HHP. I'm Jabba. I've always been Jabba," he added.