His family is demanded our belongings

By admin
02 September 2013

I'm 38 years old and was married for 15 years. Recently, I lostmy husband after a short illness.After his funeral, his familydemanded our belongings. They wanted me to sell our house,so that they could get his share. His brother took our car, the one myhusband was driving. My late husband and I were married in communityof property and have three kids. I also contributed to this house andeverything that we have. I think my husband's family is being unfair tome. Those things belong to both of us. What must I do?


Solani Gudhluza, from VM Mashele Attorneys, says:“You are a widow who was married in community of property to your deceased husband. You are a surviving spouse who owns everything that you and your husband possessed in his lifetime.“You are now the sole owner of all the estate’sproperties (subject to the children’s shares).“You should approach the local magistrate’s office withmarriage and birth certificates and apply to be appointedas the executor of the estate, so that it's officially yours."Obtain a document that will entitle you to have allthe estate’s assets registered in your name.“Then no one will have any right to interfere with theassets of your estate.”