His friends to my family to pay lobola

By admin
30 October 2013

I’m 25 and about to marry thelove of my life. But he hasn’t spoken to his family for years because of something that happened in his childhood. He doesn’t want to talk about it or reconcile with his family. He now wants to send his friends to my family to pay lobola. I feel that this is wrong and that we should do things properly. What should I do?

Confused, Kimberley     Move! Expert advice

Talk to your partner again aboutthis issue. You can also ask anelder whom he trusts to speak tohim on your behalf. Try tomake himunderstand that it’s important for hisfamily to represent him at the lobolanegotiations and for him to get theirblessing. But don’t be too harsh orjudgemental because you don’t knowthe seriousness of the family conflict.Show him support and let him knowhow happy it will make you to see himgetting along with his family.