Holiday Checklist

By Faeza
16 June 2015

When it comes to planning a holiday, most of us make a checklist of the items we need to take along, so that we don’t forget or leave anything behind.

Johan van Greuning, Head of Standard Insurance Limited says that checklist of what to pack is important.

Greuning, advises on the following additional factors to consider before going on vacation:

  1. Don’t leave your property unattended

  • Don’t leave your property unattended because that can increase the risk of burglary. Make sure you security measures are in place.

  1. Leave lights on

  • It is advisable to leave lights on, but if electricity is a concern, consider investing in a timer.

  1. Ensure your home owner’s policy is up to date

  • Make sure the information on your home owner’s policy is up to date.

  1. Service your car before going on a long trip

  • If your car is not road worthy and you have an accident, your insurance company may not pay your claim.

  1. Make sure you are covered when travelling out of borders

  • If you are crossing borders or travelling overseas, make sure you are covered insurance-wise. Failing to inform your insurance company of your trip could prevent any pay outs on claims.

  1. Ensure you have medical cover when travelling

  • Medical cover should form part of your financial portfolio even if you are not going away.

  1. Read your travel insurance policy carefully

  • Be mindful of the policy terms and conditions.

  1. Consider having life cover

  • Leaving your family financially secure in the event of your death would assist them in many ways. Life cover is very affordable, so consider adding this to your to-do check list.

  1. Ensure your will is updated and in place

  • Make sure all your affairs are in order to assist your family as we never know where life takes us from one day to the next.