Holiday time

By admin
21 December 2013

  • It is very important to take your leave. Taking off and relaxing is essential for your health. Even if you don’t work for a company, make sure you take a break for at least 10 days during the year.
  • Ask the company’s human resources department how many days you are permitted to take leave from your job.
  • Warn your boss well in advance of the dates you plan to take. Two months is a reasonable period.
  • Two weeks before you leave, start making arrangements with your colleagues about who will take over your essential tasks.
  • If you work with clients, you need to tell them in advance that you will not be available between certain dates. Give them the name of your colleague they can contact in your absence.
  • Give your boss contact details of where you will be during your leave so that you can be contacted if it’s necessary.
  • Remember to leave a message on your work phone that you are on leave. If you have e-mail, activate the out-of-office assistant.