How clean is your office? tip five

By Faeza
25 July 2015

How clean is your office?

ways to keep healthy in the workplace

Most of our time is spent at work, which makes health and hygiene in the workplace incredibly important for healthy living, and ensuring we don’t take any unwanted germs home to our families. While it’s impossible and unrealistic to make your workplace completely germ-free, Dettol representative and member of The Global Hygiene Council Dr Kgosi Letlape suggests some basic precautions to take to prevent yourself falling ill, as outlined in the easy tips below:

Stay home and recover

  • Stay at home if you’re not well so you don’t unnecessarily expose your colleagues to any germs.

“Healthy employees are happier employees, and are linked to greater productivity, less absenteeism, and a reduction of long-term health care costs,” concludes Dr Letlape.