How Dipuo May survived being stabbed 27 times by her husband

By Faeza
21 October 2016

DIPUO May (56) says she will never forget the voice of her husband, Hosea Thiloane, on the day he stabbed her 27 times at their Hammanskraal home 13 years ago.


Dipuo shares with Move! that after her husband stabbed her 27 times, she was lying on the ground bleeding when she heard Hosea say, “ebile e shwile ntja e,” (this dog is already dead). He then started kicking her all over her body, not knowing that she was still alive and could hear everything that he saying


The mother of two says whenever she looks at the scars on her body, she’s reminded of the day she almost lost her life. “I don’t know what happened after that. I woke up in a hospital bed with my sister next to my bed. She told me that they never thought I

would survive,” says Dipuo. She explains that her husband used to abuse her physically when she was pregnant with both her children. “I delivered my children before time because he would kick me on the tummy claiming that the children were not his. But once the babies were born, he would change his mind and we would reconcile,” she says.


Dipuo says she only learnt later that her husband had been arrested and

was denied bail. “The day I saw him in court was the worst day of my life. I never thought

that a man who proposed love to me and told me that I was special to him would do such a terrible thing,” sobs Dipuo. “I was forced to face him in court, but I told myself that justice would be done at the end. It’s not that I didn’t love him, I just wanted him to learn a lesson that women need to be respected,” she says. “It was not an easy journey but I used to tell myself that, ‘God has a reason for everything’. My children, Mathapelo and Reolitile, were still too young to understand what I was going through and they were not even aware that what had happened would send their father to jail for a long time,” she says.

Dipuo says after her husband was sent to jail, she decided to move out of their home.


“I moved to Soweto with my children to start a new life after the whole drama. It was not easy for me because I was concerned about what people would say about me, but I told myself that God has a reason for everything,” she says. “I thank God for giving me a second

chance in life. That’s why I want to share my story and help other women who are going through the same situation.” Today Dipuo runs the Green Door Project to support abused women and children in Orlando West, Soweto. The project offers victims advice, counselling and helps them with referrals. Dipuo says she would like to encourage women to get out of abusive relationships. “If a man is no longer interested in you, he will end up killing you,” cautions Dipuo. She explains that most abused women are unemployed and they are scared to be on their own. “Most of the time, there are children involved, which makes it hard for women to pack their things and leave. I would like to encourage

women to be strong and stand on their own,” she says. She says she goes the extra mile to

ensure victims of abuse who come to her for help feel safe. “I’ve learned to defend these

women from their abusive men. I have no choice because I don’t want them to suffer,” says Dipuo.


She also started a feeding scheme in her neighbourhood after coming across a young girl who was sitting on a pavement and crying because there was no food at home. Today,

Dipuo feeds more than hundred children from her community and surrounding areas.

“I started a feeding scheme for children in my community. I’m now getting children from other areas who also want food. As a mother, I understand where they are coming from. There’s no way that I can turn them away. One day, a two-year-old child came

to my house carrying an empty container and asked for food. I nearly burst into tears because I could see that the child was starving. I think that God has saved me and given me a second chance for a reason to fulfill His wishes,” says Dipuo.