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How do you measure love? Part 1

By Faeza
14 December 2015

When does one's "perceived love" change to be true love? To you my sister, is it when someone shows his love by buying you expensive gifts, or when he bails you out of poverty that makes you say "that is love"? In that case, If your love is controlled by the environment, circumstances or gifts, then your love is a commodity which can be sold or bought. Circumstances or affordability is temporal.

The day the circumstances or environment change, then the possibility of the transference of "love" to the next person who can afford it arises. When that happens you become just an item on hire. If you are a brother and you need to sleep with a woman first, for you to know that she loves you, then you are simply engaging in economics (which is barter trading). You exchange your libido for her love. There is no true love involved and it simply means you do not know what love is. You are just a concealed male prostitute.


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH