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How do you measure love? Part 2

By Faeza
15 December 2015

My sister run away from such men as fast as your legs can carry you. The one who loves you respects you enough by marrying you first, not to put you on the road test first. His fake love will only hurt you tomorrow. Then he will leave you for another one who is willing to prove to him more than you are prepared to.

How does true love manifest in your life as a believer my brethren.? Is your love weighed according to the world standards, by buying gifts to receive love? How do you show love to those you are supposed to love? Is it by conditions which are acceptable to the world's love standards. "If he is not working he is not man enough" they say.

Is that the principles that governs your love and life? Is your so called "true love" fueled by gifts, place or time of pleasure? Is your giving driven by anything other than love? Are you compelled by something to give, even to the church, to be seen by others that you are a believer?


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH