How do you measure love? Part 3

By Faeza
16 December 2015

Brethren our Elohim and His Messiyah require us to give out of love.(2Corinthians 9:7) Yes, you may say I give it to the church, that's my responsibility, but are you aware that giving is a requirement of every believer as a sign of love, and love is a trait of a true believer?

Remember in your giving others your are actually giving to YaHWeH through YaHShua. (Matthew 25:40) How do you see the beggar on the corner of the street? Do you know by giving him you have given to YaHShua? How does it help a brother if he is in need of edible food, but you fill this need by offering spiritual food instead, saying, I will pray for you. Then when you are eating your three course meal you pray, "Father bless those that don't have".(James 2:15-18)How can a Father bless without your involvement? My brethren, in that case your believing is of no value or effect. Belief without the action of love is vanity, so too is loving without self-sacrifice . How do you measure true love?


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH