How does a woman choose a partner?

By admin
20 December 2013

Women choose their partners in many ways:

• He’s a friend.

• He’s attractive.

• He could be a good father to her children.

• She’s in love with him.

• He is (or could be) a good provider.

• He promises the world.

• She enjoys the sex.

Your character influences your choices and there are patterns that tell a story:

• The story of your past. Do you see similarities between the choices women in your life made and the choices you are making?

• The story of how you see yourself. Do you think you are not worth much or do you feel you are worth a lot?

• The story of your relationships. What role do you play in your family, among friends and in the community? Do you think you are valued or do you think you are often overlooked or seen as unimportant?

• The story of your future. What is the story you dream of for yourself? When you have chosen relationships in the past, how did you see the person fitting into the story of your future?

Ask people whose opinions you trust why they think you attract the wrong kind of person – and be prepared to listen carefully to the answer. Attracting the right person starts with you.