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How exercise helps you cope with stress

By Faeza
07 April 2016

Living under constant stress?

If you feel stressed out most days of the week, your heart health could be in danger.

Research has found an association between constant stress, poor blood vessel health and increased risk of heart disease.

Fortunately, new research has found that aerobic exercise may help.

How exercise helps beat stress

The research, which was conducted on rats, found that aerobic exercise kept the blood vessels of stressed rats working normally.

Researchers found that the blood vessels of exercising stressed rats enlarged more when stimulated than the blood vessels of stressed rats who did not exercise - a sign of better vascular health.

According to the study, exercise may be an important way to promote cardiovascular health in chronically stressed individuals.

This means that if you’re living under constant and unavoidable stress, it’s a good idea to sweat it out with a good workout a few times a week.