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How long you should keep your make up products

By Faeza
17 March 2017

¦ Mascara has a three-month life


¦ Lip and eye pencils can be kept

for up to three years.

¦ You can keep lipstick for up

to a year.

¦ It’s safe to hold on to your lip

gloss for at least six months.

¦ Blusher, face powder and eye

shadow have a two-year lifespan

after opening.

¦ Oil-free foundations, BB creams

and tinted moisturisers can last

up to a year after opening.

¦ Make-up brushes made with

natural fibres will last many years,

but wash them every two to three

months in a mild detergent to

keep them clean and free

of germs.

¦ Nail polish will last up to a year.

¦ Try to use perfumes within

three to five years of their

production date.