How many partners I’ve slept with

By admin
22 December 2013

“My boyfriend and I usually have what we call TRC moments. During these times we expect the truth from each other. He recently asked me about my sexual history and I felt uncomfortable about revealing how many partners I’ve slept with. Should I tell him the truth?” – Florence Mashatile, Orlando

A real man answers:  Thobani Mnebwa.

Your sexual history is in the past and it should remain that way. I’m always suspicious of people who give too much information about their past. Guys can simply be intimidated by previous boyfriends and might think you still hold onto what should be distant memories. Or if it turns out you’ve slept with more partners than he has, you might be viewed as loose. I personally wouldn’t want to share a blow-by-blow account of my past sexual life with my girlfriend because I think it is inappropriate. I can obviously give out a few titbits here and there but no tell-all episodes. I’m not interested in what she did then, but I am interested in what she’s doing now, with me.