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How Muvhango rescued Sydney from hardship

By Faeza
20 July 2017

He says his childhood was difficult, but he managed to get where he is right now, thanks to his talent.


SYDNEY Ramakuela (28), who plays the character of the stubborn mayor Mulalo Mukwevho on the SABC2’s soapie Muvhango , brings reality into acting. The Venda-born star was raised by a single mother along with his three siblings.


He started acting while still in primary school where he was a member of a community theatre group. In high school, he was also involved in a radio drama for Phalaphala FM. After he matriculated in 2006 he couldn’t further his studies due to financial constraints.    However, Duma ka Ndlovu, who is the creator of Muvhango, came to Sydney’s rescue and changed his life for the best.    “My mother was a street hawker selling fruit and vegetables so I couldn’t go to university. However, in 2007 when they were doing auditions for Muvhango, Duma wanted to watch our community play and that’s where he saw me,” shares Sydney.   “He offered me a job on condition that I went back to school.”    Sydney became part of Muvhango that same year and in 2008 he enrolled for a logistics management course at Unisa and he is now doing his B.Tech. The actor says being on Muvhango is  a blessing.     “When I first got there I was the youngest of them all; I was only 19 years old,” says the actor. “I met people whom I admired on television and they warmly welcomed me as one of their own which I still appreciate.”


With all the skills that he has learnt from other actors, Sydney still goes back to his hometown to empower young people who are still part of the community theatre.     “I always remember where       I come from and giving back to the community is something that I love doing,” he says.     Apart from that, Sydney is also the owner of a security company called Thizram. Sometimes he also helps to direct plays at the community theatre which is something he enjoys doing.


Sydney says growing up without a father was a challenging experience for him. Now that he has a six-year-old daughter, he wants to be the father he never had for her.     “I love being a father. It is challenging sometimes,  but I always make the best out it. My wish is to become the best father to my daughter,” he says.     He says that his daughter has become his priority in life, adding that he believes strongly in family.     Even though he didn’t have that warm upbringing with both parents around, he would still love to build that for his daughter.     “I would love to get married one day and have my own family. I would love to do all the things I didn’t have for my children,” he says