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How should I treat acne?

By admin
11 December 2013

  • If the acne is mild, then topical treatments (ointments) that are available at the pharmacy can be used.
  • Bad cases of acne may require treatment by a GP or a dermatologist (skin specialist). Antibiotics are sometimes prescribed. Women are sometimes given hormonal therapy as well.
  • Stay away from steroid treatments because these are illegal and can also cause severe acne. These treatments are available from street hawkers and some pharmacists. An example is Movaid. These products can affect your complexion and cause dark patches of pigmentation (shoobabas).
  • It is also wise to avoid using products that are harsh and dry out your skin. When your skin becomes dry, it produces more oil, which will result in acne.
  • People who suffer from acne must definitely not squeeze their pimples. The pimples can become infected and cause scarring.
  • Some natural remedies may work. Oats, honey, avocado and cucumber, for instance, can help soothe and deep-cleanse the skin.
  • Fashion models say that putting toothpaste on a pimple can help dry it and reduce inflammation.