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How students can entertain themselves on a budget

By Faeza
09 September 2016

Are you currently huddled under your sheets after a big night out? If you’re a student, your head hurts for two reasons: The hangover and the state of your bank account. Scrolling through all your withdrawal notifications on your phone, one thing is clear: you need cut back on your spending. But you’re young, and only in your prime for a limited time. So there’s no need to sit on your hands, here’s how to entertain yourself on a budget.

Avoid events with admission

Easier than you may think. But going to venues to jam out to the latest beat isn’t a priority. Rather trade the bright flashing lights for outdoor spaces, like the park, beach, or nature reserve. Not only is natural lighting better for selfies, but getting some fresh air never hurt anyone. So get active and let your account heal the wounds you’ve inflicted.

Make a beeline straight for the specials

It really doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, there will be a destination with a special on. Whether it is for that buy one burger get one free special, or drink as much coffee as you can fit in a cup, take advantage now and your bank account will thank you later. Remember that specials are meant to entice you in to spend money on other items on the list/menus.  Be disciple. Don’t stray from the path.

Stay home, and get your game on

Being a homebody is the cheapest option. After all you can just munch on the Two Minute noodles and lay on your couch. But as we know millennials, Gen Y, or young adults, have short attention spans. So you might need to get yourself an epic screen and gaming console to play away the hours. If you’re concerned about the cost involved, you have options…  outlets like Teljoy offer rent-to-own contracts where monthly fees are fixed, and include a comprehensive maintenance plan. You can cancel the contract with a 30-day written notice if money is tight or upgrade your contract for the newer version – score!

So there’s no need to go spending madly to entertain yourself as a student, as there is the great outdoors, loads of specials to enjoy, and games to master – all on a budget.

Supplied by Andrew Macfarlane