How Tebogo fought for his life during a hijacking

By Faeza
07 September 2016

This passed weekend while most of us were welcoming Spring, Tebogo Lerole  from Kwela Tebza was being hijacked in Newtown, Johanesburg. He posted three pictures that were all coupled with lengthy Instagram captions detailing how the event transpired.

In the wee hours of Sunday, September 4, he was driving back from the South, when he realized he needed to fill up his vehicle with petrol.

He took the Carr Street off ramp tin Newtown and as he was curving on the off ramp he saw  two men pushing what seemed like recycle carrier trolleys on to the path way of the off ramp.

He added that as he got closer he realized that it was actually not a trolley but a steel or blue wooden shelve that was the length of about five  length trolleys. And at that moment a group of gun wielding men appeared and surrounded his car.

He carries on to say; that the men ordered him to step out or else they would start shooting. As soon as he opened the door they pulled out and started hurling insults that "lets kill this dog".

In the Instagram posts he gives a detailed account of the event, of how he fought for his life. The men finally let him go and ran in different directions. He then ran to the fuel station where he got assistance.

His car was then tracked by the police and the tracking company that he uses to a tavern in Soweto.The police gave chase and the suspects crashed into a resident's wall, writing the vehicle off.

"I am thankful to my creator for protecting me on Sunday morning. I leave you with these words Crime Is Real In South Africa stay alert at all times because #CRIME doesn't sleep," concluded Tebogo.