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How these celebs lost weight

By Faeza
18 July 2017

TRYING to lose weight can be a daunting experience as it requires a change of attitude and personal habits. Celebrities who have been on the journey share their stories.


TUMI MORAKE When she started her journey, the comedian had to wait at least a year before seeing the results of her efforts to burn the fat. “I didn’t lose weight quickly,” she says. She reveals that she started on the wrong foot. She was banting (a low carbohydrate and high fat diet), which made her cholesterol shoot up. This led to her collapsing at work. She attributes her former weight to having three babies back to back. But now she’s eating healthier and goes to the gym. “I’m doing this on my own terms and I’m enjoying being on this journey at my own pace,” she says.


JULIUS MALEMA The nation is used to being shocked by the politician and Economic Freedom Fighters leader. But his biggest surprise to date was appearing in public without his potbelly and chubby face. He has his wife Mantwa to thank for his transformation as she helped him burn the fat. He says he lost weight by changing his bad eating habits. “I eat healthily. I have quit sugar and alcohol. You just have to be strict with your diet. That’s what I’ve done,” he reveals.

Judith Sephuma

JUDITH SEPHUMA Her voice is still as powerful as ever, but Judith is no longer the woman she was a few years ago. She is almost half the woman she used to be. The songbird is also taking her weight loss journey  one day at a time. Her journey has been well recorded on her social media as part of her effort to encourage others to do the same. Judith’s slim body is a result of going to the gym and healthy eating. She drinks lots of water and cleanses her system with vegetable juices. She’s also committed to exercising intensely and dancing to keep her body in shape.

sophie ndaba

SOPHIE NDABA South Africa’s TV darling, best known for her role as Queen in Generations, was forced to change her lifestyle after suffering from diabetes. Even though the rest of South Africa loved her madly, she was not satisfied with the way she looked when she saw her reflection in the mirror. But she is the first to admit that she couldn’t have lost those kilos alone; she had the help of her very good dietitian. “I don’t drink as much as I used to and I also walk to stay fit,” she reveals. Now she takes a healthy lunch box to work. She snacks on fruit, nuts, biltong and vegetables. She says she keeps her body fit by walking, swimming and playing tennis.