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How Tina Jaxa made it as an actress

By Faeza
02 June 2017

She is one of the South African most recognisable faces on the small screen, having appeared in the first episode of Generations in 1993. Tina Jaxa then went on to have a colourful career, appearing in shows including Isidingo and Gold Diggers. Even though the actress faced trying times in her marriage, she says she will go to great lengths to protect her family, reputation and career. The mother of six children is reluctant to talk about her children, but says she wouldn’t want them to follow in her footsteps. But she wouldn’t force them not to do what their hearts desire.


As thankful as she is for the many opportunities afforded to her over the years, Tina says it wasn’t easy, but she is grateful that she has become a great asset in the acting industry. “I really feel loved by the industry and I thank them for always appreciating my craft. Loving what I do and respecting my job got me to where I am today,” she says. Tina can now be seen on Rhythm City, where she plays Andiswa. She says she was headhunted by Rhythm City, but asked them to put their offer on hold as she had a busy schedule. “Rhythm City offered me the chance to join the cast, but I had to sadly reject the offer as I was still shooting Ashes To Ashes and other telenovas. But they didn't mind waiting because they really wanted me on the show,” she says. After her work schedule eased up, Tina took up Rhythm City's offer and has been appearing on the soapie since 2 June. “My character, Andiswa, is detained and is brave enough to make a living in whatever way she can. I like the character; she stands up for what she believes in,” she says.


Tina tells Move! that she started her own production company called TJ Productions, which is busy with a few production projects, but she is not ready to disclose them yet. “I have a lot of experience in the industry and part of starting the production company is to create opportunities for others as I have always wanted to create jobs. I am really dedicated to what I do and helping others achieve their goals feels right,” she says. Tina says she always advises up and coming artists to be dedicated to their craft. She says you can make it far if acting is what you have always wanted to do. “I always tell young people that they mustn't want to be actors because of fame or maybe because they keep seeing their favourite characters on TV. Have consistency, respect and be professional in your craft and you will succeed,” she says.