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How to accentuate any eye colour or shape

By Faeza
15 February 2016

Close-up of a young woman with her eyes closed

  1. Get a selftan. Even if you’re dark-skinned, applying selftan warms up your skin tone, which in turn brightens your eyes.
  2. Curl your eyelashes – it creates a wide-awake look that very literally opens your eyes.
  3. Line only the outer halves of both your upper and lower lids.
  4. Lay the mascara on thick, including waterproof mascara on your lower lashes. The effect is larger, almost doll-like eyes.
  5. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a champagne-coloured eyeshadow, as well as the area right above your irises. This has a brightening effect that also accentuates different coloured flecks in your eyes.

source: all4women