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How to achieve a matte look during hot summer months

By Faeza
30 January 2017

THE skin becomes oilier in summer and it perspires and causes an oily look. Oily products such as creams can also promote excess oil production in the skin. But there is a way you can give your skin the matte feel.



Use an oil-free face wash that is thin in consistency. Use a toner and an oil-free moisturiser after washing. Wash your face twice a day to prevent oil build up, but don't use hot water. This will strip the skin of its natural oil causing it to perspire and produce more oil. Scrubbing, exfoliating and masking These three steps clean the skin from deep within,

killing and removing bacteria that produces oil. Mask at least twice a week. Use an oil mask rather than a creamy one. Do not exfoliate and mask in one week. This will dry the skin excessively.



Use a mattifiying primer. Not only does it help set the make-up, but it keeps it looking matte for a long period. Blot the skin before applying make-up. It eliminates any excess moisture in the skin.


Avoid creamy or mousse foundations. Use oil free make-up. Use a round brush rather than a flat one. This diffuses the foundation on the face evenly.