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How to be a little bit happier at work

By Faeza
04 May 2016

Most of us find ourselves feeling a little disenchanted with our careers and workplaces at some stage in our lives. Here’s how to feel more positive at work when it all gets a bit too much ...

If only we could muster up some of the initial enthusiasm we had when we originally secured the position. Even if you’re doing exactly what you wanted to do, it’s difficult to remain excited about your work day in and day out.

Sometimes it has to do with the environment and the fact that it is filled with people - some you like and enjoy and some not so much.

Other times it has to do with simply spending so much time in the same place doing the same work.

It’s normal. But, there are ways to feel more positive in your work environment.

Here’s how to feel more positive at work when it all gets a bit too much:

1. Find a morning routine that you can look forward to

This could mean popping down to your local coffee shop for your favourite cup of joe or preparing a lovely breakfast to snack on while you get your day started.

This might mean getting to the office a little earlier to savour that time to yourself, when few people have arrived and the chaos hasn’t erupted yet. If your office environment has a nice spot, whether it be the balcony, the surrounding gardens or a nice little coffee nook, spend some time there enjoying your coffee or snack.

What’s more, if the weather allows, take a walk and get some fresh morning air. Starting the day doing what makes you feel good is great, doing it at your office means that the space itself becomes a positive environment for you personally.

2. Beware decision fatigue. It’s a real thing

You make countless decisions daily. And, no matter your title at work you are placed in a position to make decisions in that environment too.

Furthermore, if you are on the lookout for a promotion then you might find yourself offering opinion and weighing in on decisions constantly so as to make sure you are noticed and your ideas are flagged with the appropriate people.

This is tiresome and this leads to decision fatigue. This is why we’ve heard so much about Steve Jobs and his turtlenecks and blue jeans. Because he made this outfit his uniform, he never had to decide what to wear each morning and this helped him alleviate his decision fatigue.

Try to ascertain the relevance of the decision you are being asked to make. Does it impact you and your surrounds? Does it matter to you?

3. Be helpful and grateful to be happy

This might sound a little twee but it’s human nature. If you set your mind to assisting a junior or a new addition to the office, then each day you will spend a bit of time helping this person. And this will make you feel good both about yourself and about your work.

Being happy at work follows the same idea as being happy in life. Sometimes we have to fake it until we make it

Doing this will also make you feel grateful about your position and circumstances and being grateful makes you happy and leaves you feeling positive. What’s more, if you put yourself in a position to assist someone at your work who needs it you could find yourself acting as a mentor.

This is a unique and powerful skill to put on your CV and if you company is open to it, you could even attend coaching and mentoring courses which will certify you in this position.

Being happy at work follows the same idea as being happy in life. Sometimes we have to fake it until we make it, sometimes we have to slap a smile on our faces even though we feel awful but eventually the “fake” happiness will begin to become authentic.

The more your smile the more happy you will naturally feel.

Source: All4Women