How to be better at life

By admin
13 May 2016

ife isn’t easy and we all know that. But there are ways to simplify the struggle and streamline your personal efficiency. Here are three ways to become better at life without having to read any self-help books ...

We all want to be better at life. We want to be better at work, better at home and better at managing our social lives. No matter how great you are at handling everything life throws at you, there’s always room for improvement.

Avoid decision fatigue

Studies have shown that there are only so many decisions a person can make over a period of time. Decision fatigue is when you’ve made too many decisions and your willpower or judgement lessens because of it. To avoid this, you need to get rid of the small decisions you make each day.

For example, wearing similar clothes each day reduces your choices and you never have to stare at your closet trying to figure out what works. Think of Steve Jobs and his jeans with a black polo neck.

Another thing you can do is live according to a simple routine. Wake up and throw off the blankets at the same time each working day. Eat the same thing for breakfast each morning and pick up coffee from the same place on your way to work.

Don’t try to please everybody

Pleasing everybody takes a lot of time and effort. So, decide who is worth the sweat. You obviously need to please your boss and you don’t want to upset your coworkers. But do you really need to go the extra mile for someone who wouldn’t do the same for you?

Put your hand up for the things that matter but don’t go out of your way to help someone when there are others who can pick up the slack.

Be honest

Lying is a waste of time and sugarcoating things is not helping anyone. A small lie can turn into a big lie in a matter of minutes. And from then on you have to keep up with the story and remember every detail.

As for sugarcoating, you’re spending unnecessary energy just to protect someone’s feelings. It’s always easier to call a spade a spade and get the whole thing over and done with. In most cases, people will respect you more if they know you’re always truthful.

Obviously, there are times when you need to manipulate the situation by putting things in a nicer way (for example, when dealing with difficult clients). But, in general, being honest all the time saves you a lot of unnecessary hassle.

You don’t need to attend a self-help conference to be better at life. What you need to do is streamline your life by saving your energy and decision-making abilities for the things that matter.

Source: All4Women