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How to breathe new life into red lipstick

By Faeza
29 February 2016

matt lips

If you’re growing tired of your signature red lipstick, try one of these tweaks to rev things up a little ...

  1. For an intense cerise pink shade, apply a pink gloss over your red lipstick. It will lift the colour slightly without taking away any of the intensity.
  2. If you want a warmer orange-red, fill your lips with orange lip liner before applying your lipstick. The result is a beautiful blood orange shade. You can see my favourite orange lipsticks here.
  3. If you want to deepen the shade but you’re not quite keen on full-on vamp lips, dab a plum or dark brown shade over your red lipstick. Use your finger to just slightly smudge the colour on for a subtle stained effect that won’t look too harsh.

source: all4women