How to burglar proof your home this holiday

By Faeza
23 March 2016


Unoccupied homes can make easy targets for criminals over busy holiday periods, so it’s important that you take measures to secure yours before you head off on your Easter break.

The good news is this: there are plenty of easy ways to safeguard your home against unwelcome intruders this Easter season.

By simply exercising a little forethought and taking a few quick precautions before you leave, you’ll be able to enjoy a restful getaway, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be likely to find your home in the same state you left it.

Keeping up appearances

The best way to ensure your home doesn’t fall victim to a break-in is to create the illusion of occupation during your absence. Round up a few friends to stop in at regular intervals, switching on different lights and emptying your post box to create the impression that your home remains lived in.

Should you not have anyone to call on, make sure to suspend your newspaper subscription, and set alarm clocks or radios to turn on at regular intervals to deter any unnecessary crimes of opportunity.

Lastly, remember not to advertise your impending absence to anyone you don’t implicitly trust. Word of your departure can spread quickly, so the fewer people who know about it the better.

Sound the alarm

A working alarm system can act as an enormous deterrent to would-be criminals. As such, it’s vital that you carry out regular checks on yours to ensure it is fit for the job. Keep your security company in the loop when you test the system to avoid false alarms, and make sure to let them know when you’re planning to be away in order to make sure that your property is closely guarded in your absence.

Lock up

Before you head for the hills, make sure to give your home a thorough once-over, taking care to remove all valuables from plain sight. Laptops, keys and mobile phones can double up as open invitations to burglars, so keep them hidden in order to reduce temptation.

Additionally, make sure to keep any personal documents or irreplaceable items locked away in a safe place, and double check that all doors and windows are locked and secure before you depart.

Power down

Now that you’ve protected your home against any criminal threats, it’s important that you safeguard it against other potential hazards. Avoid damage to your appliances and electrical equipment by unplugging them before departure, making sure not to accidentally disconnect any alarm or backup systems.

That way, you’ll not only mitigate the effects of unexpected power surges or unwelcome storm activity, but you’ll also arrive home to a far lower electricity bill.

This Easter, enjoy full peace of mind in the knowledge that your home is securely protected, and treat yourself to a truly relaxing holiday break.