How to cope when your ex moves on Part 1

By admin
19 August 2013

It hurts when you find out that your ex has moved on after you break up, especially if you are still trying to recover and you have not met anyone else. You feel betrayed like he didn’t give himself time to get over you.

Here are some tips on how to cope when your ex moves on.

Allow yourself to grieve:  We all go through a process of grieving when a relationship ends. So don’t rush yourself into feeling better and getting into the next relationship just to compete with your ex. It is common that men move on quickly into the next relationship so just go through it at your own pace.

Deal with the anger: you will need to deal with the anger and disappointment that resulted from the end of your relationship so find an outlet to release the anger, like exercise or writing. The important this is to deal with the anger so that you are ready to move on.

Do not stalk him: stop reading your ex’s status updates on Facebook, Twitter or even Mxit. Also stop asking his friends how his new girlfriend is like. Do not compare yourself to your ex’s girlfriend.

Go out on dates: when you are feeling better and stronger, go out on dates with different people. Do not rush into a relationship with the first person who shows interest in you. Try and date people who are different from your ex.