How to create space in a small kitchen

By Faeza
11 April 2016

Make space in a small kitchen

If your kitchen is small, here are a two simple ways to maximise the space, improve the function and make this area of your home appear more spacious.

Look for combination appliances

Combination appliances may be worth the investment as they can help you save serious space in a small kitchen and help improve functionality.

For example, a microwave and convection oven combination is a space-saving cooking choice while a washer dryer, a machine that can both wash and tumble-dry laundry, is a practical addition to any home.

Get reflective

We know that reflective surfaces help bounce natural light around and add depth to a space.

Bear this in mind and consider reflective finishes, like metallic tiles for a kitchen backsplash, and reflective appliance, like those which are made from stainless steel.