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How to deal with your parents’ divorce – as an adult

By Faeza
24 July 2017


It’s often said that divorce is hardest on the children. While the couple themselves may be going through an extremely difficult time, their children are also left struggling to deal with the breakup of their family.

That’s why so many books and articles have been written to help guide children through this drastic change in their lives.

Whether online or in person, parents going through the process of divorce in South Africa are constantly being given advice on how to help their children cope with their decision to separate.

And almost everyone, from teachers to counsellors, are willing to do what they can to make this easier on the kids. Which is a good thing because it can be a difficult subject to understand and deal with when you’re young.

But the thing is, support isn’t offered as freely to adults whose parents are going through divorce

Because they’re no longer living under the same roof and don’t need as much day-to-day support, grown-up children of divorce are expected to be able to cope more easily. People just assume they’re able to handle it because they’re able to fully understand the situation.

However, if you’re an adult with parents who are currently going through a divorce, you’ll know this isn’t the case.

No matter how old you are, your parents’ divorce will probably still affect you

Just because you’re no longer in school and now live an independent life, it doesn’t mean you don’t feel the full impact of the breakup of your family.

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