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How to get the perfect natural glowing look

By Faeza
03 February 2017

There are ways you can

achieve the natural

glowing look using a little

bit of make-up.


Use a mousse foundation or a light

weight liquid foundation. Powder

your face with translucent powder

as it's less visible. Spray a setting

spray and leave on for 15 minutes

before applying powder.


Apply powder and a soft colour

such as brown. Finish off with

an eyeliner. Use mascara on the

bottom lashes for a natural look.


Use normal mascara instead of a

waterproof one, which is thick in

consistency and hard to remove

on natural lashes. For a full yet

natural look, apply on individual

lashes starting at the corner of the



Go for a shimmer similar to your

skin tone and apply only on the

cheek bone. If shimmer is too

much for you, then try a fuschia or

dark pink blush. A brown one will

also help define the cheeks.


Draw around the lips with a brown

lip liner. Dab a clear lip gloss on

top and pat the lips together to

blend. Gloss is not everybody’s

cup of tea, so you can play around

with nude and matte colours