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How to get your perfect pair of jeans by Tshegofatso Maotoe

By Faeza
10 September 2015

For African women, buying a pair of jeans is a journey in itself. Nothing is more flattering than a woman in a pair of body hugging jeans that FIT well. I’m no expert but there`s a difference between sagging jeans that fail you and a great cut that accentuates your best assets.

Ladies, when buying jeans :

1. Squat and check- This helps you check if we`re sharing the view of your bum or if its kept neat and modest. No one enjoys pulling up every minute.

2. The tone – Now most of us are curvy so we don’t want to look bigger, choose a darker wash or tone, it will slim you down instantly. This tone also works best for professional occasions such as interviews.

3.Think style – Some cuts really don’t work in flats, you do justice to them in a great heel. A woman needs 3 to 4 pairs of jeans for different looks, whether it be going partying or on a sassy date.

4. Check your body type- There are so many articles written on body shapes and sizes, do your research to see what works for you.

Hourglass (low riding cuts,avoid angled slashed pockets)

Short legs(Avoid capris, go for full length, skinny jeans with crosshatched fabric. Many avoid stretch but I think go for it.

Full curves- Slim fit, boot cut jeans,darker wash looks even better on you.

No woman looks horrible in the right pair of jeans, its really not about shape or size, the miracle is in the cut.