How to handle "Family conflicts"

By admin
29 August 2013

From time to time, families experience problems and squabbles. If these are not sorted out, they can lead to long-term conflicts which can destroy relationships and the whole family unit. Life is too short to despise each other. Overcome those fights. Move! looks at the common causes of family conflicts and how to resolve them.   Funerals: It’s during such times that family conflicts happen. Somehow funerals bring out the worst in people.   Solution: “During this time, family members are faced with emotions that make it difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one.  “In the midst of all this, it’s important to remain calm and polite. “Remind other family members that you’re all grieving and it’s important to bury the deceased peacefully.”   Family house:Siblings often fight over the familyhouse when both parents die. Somemay want to sell the house, whileothers want to stay in it. The youngestchild may feel entitled to the houseby virtue of being the last born. Thisdestroys sibling relationships.   Solution:  “The neutral person will not be emotionally involved. So, they will be able to independently and neutrally advise the family members on what to do. “If this doesn’t help, the family members should seek advice from a lawyer who can draw up an agreement before approaching the courts. Encourage your parents to write a will before they die. This will clearly state what should happen to the family house when the parents are no longer there. You can go to your bank to draw up a will. This will help prevent conflicts,”   Care For uMAMA & uBABA:Arranging care for elderly parentscauses conflict in some families. This can be challenging, given the financialand emotional burden it places on afamily.   Solution:  Look for practical solutions that will be useful to your parents. If there’s financial help required, such as paying for a helper to take care of gogo, divide this amongst yourselves,”   Weddings:Planning a wedding should be a joyfultime but it can turn into a nightmare.Arguments are usually about thelobola money, traditions to follow, theguest list and the cost of the wedding.   Solution:  To avoid drama, share your concerns and wishes with the chosen relative.

“He or she will represent you during the lobola negotiations by, for example, pushing for the lobola money to be banked so that it can be used for the wedding ceremony,”