How to handle Sexual harassment

By admin
25 November 2013

What can Lebo do?

Lebo needs to keep a record of all incidents by taking notes of the date and time or each incident, keeping a list of potential witness and writing down what was done. She must confront the harasser, in this case her boss. It is advisable she does this in writing and that she has a witness. This can later serve as proof in her complaint.

Because Lebo works in a small business, she can contact the CCMA for assistance. It is important that Lebo tells her boss that she does not appreciate his advances before approaching the CCMA. Usually a disciplinary enquiry will follow to establish the facts, hear both sides of the story and decide on the appropriate disciplinary measures for the harasser. The matter can be referred to the CCMA for conciliation and, if unresolved, the matter will be referred to the Labour Court.

If you are a member of a union or employees’ association, contact your shop steward or representative. If you are not a union member, contact the company’s human resources manager or someone else in a position of authority, such as your supervisor or senior manager. If the matter is still not resolved, contact the CCMA.

CCMA call centre 0861 16 16 16