How to highlight without looking glittery

By Faeza
08 March 2016


Highlighter should make your skin look luminous and glowing, not shiny and glittery. Here’s how to get it right.

  1. The first and most obvious step is to inspect the product you want to use. If it feels coarse/hard or if you can see glitter bits, it’s probably not the right thing for an everyday highlight. Some of the best highlighters look like regular powders until you swatch them.
  2. Technique is key – don’t just give one swipe when you apply highlighter. Instead take a couple of seconds to buff it in with a very light hand – the difference is instantly noticeable.
  3. Placement is really important. All-over highlighter is best left for dress-up parties. Instead aim for the C-shape from the tops of your cheekbones onto the temples, ending just below your brow bone.