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How to keep your dreadlocks clean and healthy-looking

By Faeza
25 November 2016

Dreadlock have grown in popularity over the past few years, and like any other hairstyle, they need to be maintained.


The most important thing when you have dreadlocks is to keep them clean and odour free. Clean dreads become tighter and require less maintenance, while dirty ones are harder to maintain. After washing, don’t completely dry them because they break easily.

Use a shampoo that doesn't condition as chemically treated shampoos tend to prevent

the locks from growing. Dreads must be washed every two weeks.


Just like any other hairstyle, dreads have to be protected from breakage and friction while sleeping. To do this, wear a silk scarf or cap.


Dreadlocks can easily break if they aren't properly moisturised. Use dreadlock cream to keep them moisturised. Don't use the cream everyday or the dreads will be too



Twisting is a form of treatment to keep the locks tight. But doing

it too often leads to premature breakage.


Section the hair. Apply dreadlock gel or beeswax. Roll the locks

in between your palms. Dry the dreads if necessary. Style as