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How to keep your weave and natural hair straight and tangle free

By Faeza
12 April 2017

WHETHER you have a weave or natural hair, it can look a bit unsightly if your hair is



This is a process where a chemical is used to straighten your hair strands using an ordinary or no lye relaxer.

Do not relax your hair too often, do it once every three weeks. Do not use too much oil on your hair. Once a week is enough as oil causes your hair to split and tangle.


Heat eases and helps loosen tangled hair. The trick is to use the right moisturising and detangling products and heat. Always use a hairdryer with a nozzle. This protects your hair from excessive heat and directs it to the right part of your hair.


Depending on your hair texture, temperatures of up to 200°C can be used. You will have this look for up to three days. Do not use high heat on thin hair. Use ceramic straightners as the plate is coated for heat protection.