How to make a positive first impression

By Faeza
10 August 2016

We are constantly told that first impressions count the most, so here is how you can make a positive first impression.

First Impressions words in 3d letters under a spotlight as an introduction to new people, a meeting or debut

The humble elevator pitch, or speech, is designed to ‘break the ice’ and lead to deeper dialogue about a specific idea or topic, be that yourself, your organisation or your product.

To effectively communicate a memorable, engaging snapshot of yourself that encapsulates who you are, what you are trying to achieve and how you can succeed, consider following these simple, straightforward tips:

*Show empathy by highlighting an issue the other person can relate to

*‘Wouldn’t it be amazing if…?’ Suggest an objective solution you can follow through on

*Differentiate yourself by explaining what it is that makes you and your offering unique

*Don’t forget to pursue a relationship! Request to connect again in the future

Take the time to practice your i speech out loud, alone and in front of a mirror, to ensure it flows and importantly, comes across as conversational and genuine.

Dedicating it to memory will make it easier to deliver in a social or business situation, where nerves can sometimes get the best of us and potentially jeopardise an otherwise successful introduction to someone new.

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