How to Make the Weekend Seem Longer

By admin
16 August 2013

Always finish your work ahead of time - You'll feel much less stress over the weekend.

Try to avoid clouding your weekend with over-consumption of alcohol or other mind-altering substances - A forgotten weekend is no weekend at all.

Keep a clutter-free house – This helps you find more time in your life because spending time shopping for new stuff you don’t need means less time for other pursuits.

If you have a very busy professional life, consider help in other areas of your life (gardening and cleaning your home) – It will free up more of your weekend.

If you have kids needing to be driven all over the place on weekends, start scheduling and sharing the efforts – Allow the older kids to get themselves where they want, get activities closer to home for your kids and check if they can stay at a friends place for a weekend.